Our primary focus is to support customers managing plant science trials and to market the ARM (Agriculture Research Manager) family of software.

Demeter Data Management is the authorized distributor of Gylling Data Management, Inc. software products, for the Mediterranean region.
See Products information for details.

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We believe that customer support is very important. At Demeter, our hotline and customer service can answer your questions and solve any problems you may have using ARM products, including those involving company customised formats.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Consultation on integrating any experimental data into ARM format and/or into corporate information management systems. Through our secure web site, our clients can retrieve final reports and data at any time
  • Training for groups or individuals in all aspects of ARM usage, as desired
  • Help with any questions related to Statistics, as applied to agronomic trials
  • Ad hoc contract work to assist in performing specific reports, to overcome workload peaks when compiling biological dossiers


Demeter Data Management
François Mercken
Rue de Fleurus 115
B-5030 Gembloux, Belgium
+ 32 (0) 473 23 62 89


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